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[mutta vs. vaan and aber vs. sondern ]

> Maybe like German 'aber'/'sondern' contrast?
>  Ich bin kein Finne,   sondern Deutscher.
>  I   am  no   Finnish  but     German
>  En    ole suomalainen, vaan olen saksalainen.
>  I.not be  Finnish      but  German
> vs.
>  Ich bin Finne,   spreche aber Deutsch
>  I   am  Finnish  speak   but  German
>  Olen suomalainen, mutta puhun   saksaa.
> Finnish      but   I.speak German.

For this kind of disjunction (?) gzb has a set of
conjunctions derived from phonemes that signify rows
of a truth table.  I think Lojban has something similar.

jqwax-suomi-wam-van fwinq jqwax-usonia-wam-van.
inhabitant-Finnland-PLACE-V.STATE conj.FFTF inhabitant-Usonia-PLACE-.V.STATE

I am not Finnish but Usonian [American].

jqwax-usonia-wam-van  pinq  jqwax-suomi-wam-van .
inhabitant-Usonia-PLACE-V.STATE conj.FTFF inhabitant-Finnland-PLACE-.V.STATE

I am Usonian rather than Finnish.

gzb uses "moqj" (but) or "moqn" (although) when both statements are
true but there is an unexpectedness about them both being true.

jqwax-usonia-wam-van pq, moqj gjax dax-box syj-i gju-zox.
inhabitant-Usonia-PLACE-V.STATE 3P, but language three-ADJ use-at speak-V.ACT

He is Usonian, but he speaks three languages.

Jim Henry
 [who should be working on his Salezan-to-gzb translation for Relay 13]