--- Hanuman Zhang <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> > Well, I'm not so big on the texture of beef tendon
>     :P~ *thPttt!*
> > but the sauce is good [...]
>     *imagines you slurpin' the sauce, foistin' the
> tendon on someone else*

LOL  Raf's me all rirt *slurp*  *pulls tendon from
mouth*  Here you want this?  I'm done with it.

> > sea slug is terrific
>     Funniest comment I heard was that sea slug is
> "poor man's lobster"!


> > and durian is to die for in any form you can get
> it.
>     Fresh (smelly-as-hell) Malaysian durian costs an
> arm & a leg nowadays.
>     I can't stand the frozen paste form that is
> "cut" with tapioca or
> gluten. Or soy bean by-product. Sacremerde! It's
> JUST NOT right!

Wasn't acutally referring to paste, but it's better
than not having any at all.  Love the garden wafers,
and the bingba.  The candies.  The ones NOT
adulterated with nasty old coconut, mind you.  Got a
nice little bottle of "essence" in the fridge right
now -- wrapped in bublewrap, two ziplocks and a
galdware tub . . . the mashed potato flakes still
taste a mite duriany!

> > Vegemite nearly made me lose my last meal.
>     Yech! Pale imitation of Marmite...
> > Adam who also loves his Cantonese style chicken
> feet
> > (but not the nasty yellow Taiwanese version)
>     Oh I am there with you on that!
>     In fact, is there such thing as decent Taiwanese
> cooking 0_o? ;)

HEY NOW!!  I happen to be desperately craving
Taiwanese food at the moment.  Oh, how I miss that
little noodle shop on Hou Chang Rd.  Oh and the
youbing, and the frenchfried sweetpotatoes and tarro
roots?  And the shaved ice with tarro and red bean, oh
and red bean soup, and  . . .  Oh God, send me back


Dichiruns sivi, ĢIn il Betuemi djul Judja pervia azig niscrivid peu'l davri, ĢEd tu, Betuemi djal terra djal Judja, nun si djils daliris djal Judja ul mindrisimu puņa vinijid djil ti il daliri fin paxed ul mi pobuu, il Istreli.ģ

Mach 2:5-6