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--- Benct Philip Jonsson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Eudora does AFAIK not support Unicode.
> That was why I switched(*) to Thunderbird.
> (*)I must resist that temptation to inflect
> _switch_ strong: _switch, swatch, swatch_!
> Does anyone else play that game?

Oh, yes.  And the related game of creating new
irregular plurals like "Somebody grab the bug spray! 
I just saw some cockriche!"


Dichiruns sivi, ĢIn il Betuemi djul Judja pervia azig niscrivid peu'l davri, ĢEd tu, Betuemi djal terra djal Judja, nun si djils daliris djal Judja ul mindrisimu puņa vinijid djil ti il daliri fin paxed ul mi pobuu, il Istreli.ģ

Mach 2:5-6