I wrecently wrote:

> Then there's Engl. "in that", though it's always rather mystified me. I 
> feel it's sort-of like "because". Can't think of a decent ex. offhand.

Well, here are two, that seem to show it's synonymous with "because" 
~"inasmuch as..", but also perhaps "to the degree that..." (insofar as):

From today's Washington Post (article on failure of drugs to cure depression 
50% of the time): "The glass is half full from our perspective," he said. 
But "the glass is half empty in that we need to come up with better 
treatments in the future."

Me, in a recent comment to Sai about one of the T-shirt designs:
[I found the black T-shirt odd] " that the tower seems to all just 
blend in with the fabric color."

This construction seems unique to Engl.; I can't think of an equiv. in 
Spanish (maybe en cuanto a...?), certainly not in Indonesian :-(.  Any 
oddities in other L1's?