Henrik Theiling skrev:

> Only few things need to be fixed (I think there was no
> final long -u in Germanic for some unknown reason (to me))

That's only incidental.  For some reason feminine u-stems
were rare in PIE, and since the final *H_2 which is the
usual culprit for final * and * ( < *iH_2, *eH_2) was a
feminine marker final * was also rare. Latin - was
usually the result of monophthongization of *-ou, which
of course became -au in Germanic.  Anyway since Germanic
*- eventually became -u or zero Latin - shouldn't really
be a problem.  It simply merges with - as -u at some point,
and shares with it in triggering u-umlaut.

Now I have to shut up.  My quota for today is filled, and I
have to sleep!
/BP 8^)>
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