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Do you speak Elasin?

Formal: Vo uevakualith elasinam vo.

Pronunciation: [vo we.vA"kwA.liT e.lA"sIn.nAm vo]

Vo           uevaku-a-li-th elasin-am vo
(INT particle) "understand"+present+li+2S+3S
"Elasin"+ACC (INT particle)

Literal: "? you understand Elasin ?"

Vo...vo = Interrogative marking particles. These
bracket a clause and mark it as a question.
uevaku = "understand, comprehend" uevaku carries with
it the sense of understanding something with the
ability to make use of that information.
-a- = present tense affix
-li- = nominative 2nd person singular pronoun affix
-th = accusative 3rd person singluar pronoun affix
elasin = "Elasin," formed from Elas (the nation)+in
(genitive case affix)
-am = accusative case affix

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