In my Orkut scrapbook, I received the following invitation:

"Hi, i want to invite you to participate Esperanto V.2 community!

The Esperanto V.2 (Codename) is a conlang, constructed language
project, This community is for all people interested in construct a
new language for the global communication.

It differs from the others project, because it is not made for just
one person, like Esperanto and other languages, but it is constructed
by all persons in the world."

That seemed amusing to me :) I don't give it much hope, though, since
I don't really trust language design by committee. I can imagine that
such things get marked by compromises, bickering, long-drawn-out
discussions, and least-common-denominator features.

Has anybody else heard of this proposed(?) conlang?

(If you're on Orkut, the community is , apparently, though I
haven't looked at it myself.)

Philip Newton <[log in to unmask]>