English and ... "official" translation? (can you tell what language it is in? Grin)
BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE: Oh sweet butterfly, so like the wind you
ride, to catch you is to know you but in this all I do is still
you and hold you captive, butterflies are free, to know the
currents of wind, to fly afar, never to be held by mortal
hands. For in the holding is the tragedy, for what are dreams
held but never let free.
O *blomafliugo waliso, thuei windaleiko ufaro airthai nu rinnis
Ibai sa fahands thuk frathjan duginnith
Hva maht ist haldis nibai hafta thuk fastan
Frijos sind *fliugons, thozei fairrathro brahtedun
Windos thai waiandans fram waihstam this midjungardis
Ni du fragiban thos gumane handum
Wai thamma wiljandin winda gatamjan
Draum faurdammjan in daubithos hairtins
THE GRAIL: I seem to ramble from place to place, never staying
one in any one place, ever searching, like a knight on quest,
for that grail oh so dear, so close but oh so far, almost in
sight, but never visible, I go on and on, until the end is here,
and it draws near, and I can hear the calls of angels sweet, and
I shall finally drink of that cup, so rich and rare a draught it
shall be, for in the end, the cup will hold life, and life is so
sweet, and to know this, I quest.
Ungastoths hvarbo [ik] bi hveilain ni saurgands
Sinteino sokjands stilk thana weihan
 *Laiwin galeiks saei laisteith tho stairnon
Merjandein *mariwig faura maurginis uhtwon
- Swiknana stikl ni bisauleith manna
Afguths jah unwairths, arwjo skal sokjan -
Framis nu farja bi fulginai mundrein
Und thana andi, than aggiljus haitand mik
Skaunjaim stibnom. Stikl than andnima
Dragk thata *diurjo drigka us thamma
Junda tho aiweinon aigi sa wairtha
Libains galauba - laun this sokjandins