My feeling is that if I have a good bike, I'm more likely to ride 
more, but if I don't have a good bike, and I ride more, then I have 
to spend more money to upgrade.  Over a 5 year period, the difference 
amounts to less than I spend at Starbucks.  So the money doesn't 
bother me as much as if the bikes will last 5 years.

Thanks for the advice

>These are both very good bikes.  But this is quite a bit of
>bike for what you're looking to do.  On the other hand, if
>you don't already have a road bike, you may discover that
>just the feel of road gets you riding far more than you might
>have imagined.
>The folks down at the Hub have some great bikes going very
>cheap right now.  Good frames, Campy components, and
>for far less than you would pay elsewhere.
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