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September. This is a very popular ride (great course and support!) and
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It's that time of year - TFCE registrations are flooding in.  As usual,
a few are being mailed to the wrong address, despite the TFCE address
prominently displayed in the announcement and brochures.

Any received by other NBW volunteers (membership, main PO Box, etc) will
be forwarded to our TFCE registrar, of course, but the extra handling
means they'll be delayed because some other volunteer has to open,
decide where they should really go, and forward to Janice.  I have a
bunch on my kitchen table right now, waiting to be handed over to her
this Sunday - they'll have been delayed a week at least.  This could be
critical in a few weeks as registration fills and late registrations get
closed out.

So, word to the wise (and please pass the word), don't get closed out
because you didn't read the instructions but just guessed where your
form should go -- mail your TFCE registrations to the address set up
especially for that purpose, i.e: 
NBW-TFCE, PO Box 59, Seekonk, MA 02771-0059


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