There may be another option. Road or Mountain/Hybrid? I just added a winter bike to my collection. It's a Cyclocross bike and I love it! I rode through the winter this year for the first time and while I love the characteristics of a road bike, I also wanted something durable that I wouldn't have to baby quite as much. So instead of upgrading my kayak this year (was planning on moving from poly to glass/carbon), I replaced my winter bike with a cross bike. So far, so good! So there truly is a lot to consider. I'm no expert, but you have to get something you like - and while I'll never be a cyclocross racer, I was very motivated by watching the Cyclocross National races last December (I volunteered and had GREAT fun). I think that sales of cross bikes are going up - and I am happy with my choice.


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Good comments.  Talk to different bike shops.  Don't just get one opinion (that's a good aspect about this place - different opinions).
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