Hum, cool..

Cree the people who gave us "Eskimo" and it is not a nice word,
but we in Alaska use it cause, for lack of a overlying word, it
will have to do.

We have Aleutiq, Yupik, Chupik, Inupiaq, Inuit, Siberian Yupik
and Eyak and others, all technically "Eskimo"..

Beothuk, hum, there name for themselves or .. Does have some
resemblance to some old English or .. Is that name one the
vikings or English gave them?


Sad how cultures can be so easy to destroy, like how the Aztec
are protrayed, was they as blood thirst as the blood thirsty
spanish made them ou to be? Or was it the old winners write
history and make themselves the HEROS aka Nice guys. (See Roman
stories of the Wickerman, or the Body and blood of Christ).