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> I don't have any translations, but I'm always interested in seeing how
> comparisons are done. Also equatives, superlatives etc. I'm trying to
> figure out how "Delta" does these.

gzb has a single suffix for comparative and superlative.
(If there is an explicit reference for the comparison, it's
a comparative; if there is no compared object, it's superlative.)
Also, for comparison it puts the compared things together
in the topic clause, separated by the comparison conjunction {θe}.

sĭ  mĭ'sĭ'sĭ'pij-wam  θe  sĭ  ĉâ'tě'hu'ĉij-wam  mĭ-i  hum-ʝa-sra-bô  ŋĭn-i.

river  Mississippi-NAME.P  than  river  Chattahoochee-NAME.P  TOP-at 

Jim Henry