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> Ok, this one is John 3:16.  If anyone doesn't know, that's
> "For this is the way God loved the world: He gave his one
> and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will
> not perish but have eternal life."
> (NET)

GERMAN (Gute Nachricht, 1997):

| Gott hat die Menschen so sehr geliebt, daß er seinen
| einzigen Sohn hergab. Nun werden alle, die sich auf
| den Sohn Gottes verlassen, nicht zugrunde gehen,
| sondern ewig leben. (Johannes 3,16)

"God has the humans so much loved that he his only son away
gave. Now will all who themselves on the Son of God trust
not be destroyed, but eternally live."

AYERI (translated from English for comparability):

Yanoyam edanyareng miranley sileyeri ang matyaiyà in Nahang
mavayaris: Sira mailiyâng Yanin iyàena anama, ang setovoyiyè
sundalaisa balimenin si yam paronaiyèang iyàin, nárya sira
patahaiyèang tenanin apangoy. (Yon 3:14)


Because this-one.A (is) way.P REL.P.INSTR TRG:A TRG Lord world.P : TRG:P PS.give.3s:1.A
Son.TRG 3s:1.GEN P.only , TRG:A FUT.become.CONSEQ.3s:2
lose.CAU everyone.TRG REL(.A) TRG:BEN believe.3s:2.A
3s:1.TRG , but TRG:P FUT.have.3s:2.A life.TRG P.eternal .

"Because this is the way with which loved God the world:
He gave son his only so will not become lost everyone that
believes in him, but he will have the life eternal."


"Miranayam kepauarà naranoaris." (Kalvin nay Hobbes)
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