On 4/19/06, caeruleancentaur <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> How do you express the concept "the...the..." as in "the more, the
> merrier" in your conlangs.  Senjecas does not have the definite
> article, so I'm looking for some suggestions.
> I know that Spanish uses "cuanto...tanto...."
> What exactly is the etymology of the German "je...desto..."?
> Thanks.
> Charlie

Funny thing... although in Spanish the structure is "cuanto... tanto.." the
expression is always translated (at least in Mexico) as: "mientras más,
mejor" instead of "cuanto más tanto mejor" or "cuanto más, mejor"


P.D. I've just begun to consider inventing a language, so I don't have
translations into conlangs yet.

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