Dear Francois,

At 04:59 PM 5/8/2006, you wrote:
> > I am considering doing the same thing
> > for the ids of the footnotes, for instance
> > xml:id="RefEd_p_26_fn_**" Is this a legitimate use of id
> > strings or should it be avoided?
><quote>I would suggest, as have others already, that you put the information
>in the content of either attributes or elements. Otherwise, documents of
>the type that you are elaborating are incomplete without a stylesheet - I
>can't know if they are valid until the syntax of the domain strings has
>been checked.</quote>
>I was excited about the prospect of leveraging XSLT and its string and
>substring functions.
>Under P5 could a schema be created to validate an "attribute grammar"
>specific to a TEI instance? If so how would the Guidelines treat such a

Although I haven't been privy to these discussions in detail, I 
believe the allowance in P5 of Schematron rule sets has at least been 
suggested. As you probably know, in Schematron, rules are expressed 
in XPath; especially with XPath 2.0 support (regular expressions!), 
assertion of rules such as you're describing should be possible at 
least in principle.

As for the Guidelines, they'd treat such a creature the same as 
they'd treat any Schematron rules you cared to include.

Check out the XPath 2.0 matches() function. Writing a simple 
stylesheet to do this without Schematron is another reasonable approach.

As for whether such an "attribute grammar" is a good idea or not ... 
as always, that depends on requirements. Sometimes eager designers 
will deploy such a scheme based on its presumed usefulness, only to 
find it makes for maintenance headaches without giving real benefits; 
this gives such constraints a bad name in some circles. So: freshmen 
like them, sophomores disdain them, juniors are jaded and seniors are 
equable. (Apologies to readers who don't know the class system of US 
four-year undergraduate institutions.)


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