Martin Holmes wrote:
> I like the logo idea, but I'd like it even better if there was a logo 
> meaning "encoded with TEI" -- in other words, showing that the site uses 
> TEI, but without implying that it's in some way endorsed by the 
> organization. Perhaps such a thing exists already?

What about using the following images I just whipped up:
(An RSS-like orange logo)

Or just tiny shrunk versions of the TEI logo with transparent backgrounds:

I imagined the last two being used in a little footer line saying
something like: "[LOGO] Document created from a TEI XML original"
with the logo and 'TEI' being links to the TEI website.
I don't know how the TEI Board would feel about use of the last two 
however and whether that would imply some form of sanctioning by the 
TEI as an organisation.

(Who was bored in a conference session after a promising first paper).
Dr James Cummings, Oxford Text Archive, University of Oxford