Hi James,

All these look good. How would we go about getting them sanctioned by 
the organization?

It's good to have a few different options in different shapes and sizes, 
so you can always find one which fits with the slot you want to put it in.


James Cummings wrote:
> Martin Holmes wrote:
>> I like the logo idea, but I'd like it even better if there was a logo 
>> meaning "encoded with TEI" -- in other words, showing that the site 
>> uses TEI, but without implying that it's in some way endorsed by the 
>> organization. Perhaps such a thing exists already?
> What about using the following images I just whipped up:
> (An RSS-like orange logo)
> Or just tiny shrunk versions of the TEI logo with transparent backgrounds:
> I imagined the last two being used in a little footer line saying
> something like: "[LOGO] Document created from a TEI XML original"
> with the logo and 'TEI' being links to the TEI website.
> I don't know how the TEI Board would feel about use of the last two 
> however and whether that would imply some form of sanctioning by the TEI 
> as an organisation.
> -James
> (Who was bored in a conference session after a promising first paper).

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