Surely I am not the only lurker on this list who is wondering when
somebody will get around to writing a TEI Cookbook, complete with
images of an original text on the left, and one -- or better yet, a
comparison between two or more -- TEI realizations on the right.

   This would go a long way to addressing the problem I think many
of us in the lurker community have with TEI:  it's not that you can't
figure out a way to do things; rather, it's that as soon as you see one,
you realize there's another and another, and eventually become too
worried about setting off on the wrong foot to even get started.
(And believe me:  reading this list just makes matters worse!)

   Given the amount of money going into state-sponsored projects
that use TEI, the tremendous value of a TEI Cookbook in helping
to establish normative / prescriptive usage standards, and the ever-
increasing focus on project evaluation, I just gotta think that there's
an NEH or NSF grant just waiting out there for this kind of effort.

   Alternatively, I for one would be happy to put fifty bucks into the kitty
for a pre-order, or pony up the grand sum of $US100 for the right to
specify the topic example of one entry.  Surely there's another thousand
of us lurking on the list who feel the same way ;-)

   Doug Cooper