Syd Bauman wrote:
>>> (Want to have most attributes of the <tei:p> occur on both
>>> <xhtml:p>s, but *not* xml:id=, and maybe not n=, and there
>>> are some others that are not obvious, IIRC.)

>> Might it not be useful (at least in some cases) for TEI xml:id's to
>> become XHTML id's?
> Absolutely. They should become XHTML id= or perhaps xml:id=, but the
> point is you don't want that particular attribute duplicated on
> *both* of the output <xhtml:p> elements, only one of them (probably
> the first). 

Oh, now I understand what you were saying.

> xml:lang= should get duplicated to both of the output
> <xhtml:p> elements, I think (and the output <xhtml:pre>, if it
> doesn't have an xml:lang= of its own). Not sure what to do with n=.

Generically, probably nothing.  In down-transformations, there will almost
always be throwaways.