Syd Bauman wrote:
> I have working XSLT code that does this right. I.e., takes
>   <tei:p>Here's an example: <tei:egXML>blah</tei:egXML> isn't
>     it pretty?</tei:p>
> as input and creates
>   <xhtml:p>Here's an example:</xhtml:p> 
>   <xhtml:pre>blah</xhtml:pre> 
>   <xhtml:p>isn't it pretty?</xhtml:p>

I'd be interested to hear how you do this without using
disable-output-escaping or using XSLT 2.0

> I have since discovered there may be better techiques than the one
> I've used. I can try to dig it out and put the fragment up here,
> though, if there is demand for that sort of thing.

yes please.

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