Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> sounds like cheating, to use Perl :-}

XSLT is sooo verbose and hopelessly underpowered.

> do you mean you have implemented more or less the same process as George?

Yes. But handling <html:p> is not enough. You'll also have to handle
<html:span> and <html:em> whenever you happen to output it.

  <p>I particularly <emph rend="font-style: italic">hate
  <list type="bulleted" rend="list-style-type: disc">
    <item>healthy food and</item>
    <item>going to bed early.</item>

Assuming you convert <tei:emph> to <html:em> you are again stuck with
the list. You need to take the list out of the <html:p> and out of the
<html:em> and then put <html:em> inside every <html:li>.

Sort of difficult in XSLT :-)

Marcello Perathoner
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