Martin Holmes wrote:
> HI there,
> Wendell Piez wrote:
>> Dear Martin,
>> At 02:30 PM 5/9/2006, you wrote:
>>> The ONLY difference between using XHTML and using XML in a browser is
>>> that XHTML gives you access to a default browser stylesheet, which
>>> saves you from having to exhaustively define <p>s as display: block,
>>> <span>s as display: inline, and so on.
>> Plus linking. Unless CSS can declare links and browsers recognize
>> them. (Can it do that?)
> Yes: <

Since this says "W3C Working Draft 24 February 2004",
it strikes me that if they have  progressed no further than
a WD since 2004, then the chances of CSS3 being used
in anger in my lifetime seem remote....

> Also images, using stuff like this:
> h1 { content: url(image.gif); }

how does that solve

 <graphic url="foo.png"/>

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