Peter Boot wrote:

> + when I change something in an element description, the ODD file that
> Roma now creates also contains the classes- and content-definition for
> that element.

This is an error. I'll add it to my TODO list to fix this

> + would it be possible for Roma to normalize the element description text
> before showing it? I want to be able to edit the saved ODD file outside of
> Roma, which introduces ignorable whitespace. If you feel you can't remove
> the whitespace, could you make the description field a lot wider, so that
> I can create sensible line-breaks myself?
I'll look at this too. I think you are right that normalizing it will
be fine

> + the display of model classes on the changeElement window is twice the
> width of my 1024x768 display. Could you make the table rows shorter?

can do, will do!

thanks for the requests. Its good to know people actually use Roma...
Sebastian Rahtz

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