Hi folks,

For my Image Markup Tool, which produces P5 + SVG files, I'd like to 
store the detailed version information of the application which produced 
the file somewhere in the teiHeader. The information consists of four 
integers, e.g.:

Major version: 1
Minor version: 0
Build: 3
Release: 5

and is also commonly encoded in a period-delimited form, such as

This info is very handy for detecting and converting old file formats, 
as well as diagnosing bugs.

I've taken a good look through the teiHeader docs for P5, and the only 
likely place I can see to store this info is in the publicationStmt/idno 

"<idno> supplies any standard or non-standard number used to identify a 
bibliographic item.
type 	categorizes the number, for example as an ISBN or other standard 

so I could do something like this:

<idno type="AuthorAppVersion"></idno>

Does this look reasonable? It would also make sense to store the name of 
the authoring tool somewhere in the header, along with the URL of its 
site, so anyone working on the file could retrieve the tool that created 
it if necessary, but I can't see any logical place for that in the 
header. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
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Half-Baked Software, Inc.
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