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If it's Java it should run on any platform having a JVM. Can you please
provide a direct link to one of those "Mac OS-only" downloads?

I think the MacOS-X only part is for the start scripts and stuff like
that, and the rest is multi-platform Java (even more if the GUI is done
using Swing).

Birgit Kellner wrote:
> Charles Muller schrieb:
>> I'm curious to hear if anyone has any especially satisfactory
>> experiences to report regarding wysiwyg XML editors. In addition to
>> using TEI to handle various encoding projects, I write my articles in
>> XML-TEI, and at the final stage like to be able to edit in something
>> close to a word processor mode.
>> In the past, I've used XML Spy's Stylesheet designer with some
>> success, but the Windows limitation and pricing do not make this much
>> of a viable long-term option, especially since I can use either
>> TEI-Emacs or oXygen to do all of my basic XML work. I recently
>> downloaded and tried Ephox, Xopus, and Bitflux, and have found that
>> they either didn't work on Linux, or didn't work with my documents at
>> all.
>> Serna seems to work OK with TEI P4 using a preset TEI stylesheet
>> (Sebastian's?), and is multi-platformed on Java, but AFAICT, does not
>> let me designate my own stylesheets.
>> I am guessing that there is not much out there beyond these, but would
>> be interested to know if someone has found something else.
> Coincidentally, I looked around for such editors just yesterday. In
> addition to what you mentioned, I found Vex
> (, a Java-based, multiple platform "visual
> xml editor". I haven't tested it yet.
> Some of my colleagues here use Morphon. Morphon is not developed any
> longer. The latest version used to be available for free, but now even
> the company website from which it could be downloaded seems to have gone
> dead (, so I don't know how it can still be
> obtained. The downloads I found (on zdnet and similar sites) are only of
> Mac OS X versions.
> At any rate, what my colleagues do with Morphon seems promising: a
> person who had no knowledge of XML until a few months ago is now capable
> to easily produce XML for text-critical editions of Sanskrit, in a
> purely WYSIWYG interface. (The goal is to produce an XML source that
> will then be fed to LaTeX for printing.)
> Best regards,
> Birgit Kellner
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