Hi folks,

The P5 guidelines say:

"A feature system declaration is encoded as a document of type <teifsd>. 
It has two parts: an obligatory header (which provides bibliographic 
information for the file) and a set of feature structure declarations 
(each of which defines one type of feature structure). "

and they show an example like this:

   <fsDecl type="GPSG">

However, documents in this format don't validate against a schema which 
includes the relevant module (declarefs); teifsd can't be the root 
element for a document. This is the ODD file schemaSpec:

             <schemaSpec ident="MosesDictionary" xml:lang="en">
                 <moduleRef key="core"/>
                 <moduleRef key="tei"/>
                 <moduleRef key="header"/>
                 <moduleRef key="textstructure"/>
                 <moduleRef key="analysis"/>
                 <moduleRef key="declarefs"/>
                 <moduleRef key="dictionaries"/>
                 <moduleRef key="iso-fs"/>
                 <moduleRef key="linking"/>
                 <moduleRef key="namesdates"/>
                 <moduleRef key="gaiji"/>

Am I missing something here?

Martin Holmes
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