What I been and gorn and done was:

-My original schema was created without the start attribute, so it 
gacked on the teifsd with this error:

	 E unknown element "teifsd" from namespace ""

-Then I generated a new schema from an ODD file after adding the start 
element, and it gacked again -- I assumed it was the same problem, but 
it's actually this:

	E multiple definitions of "mix.dictionaries" without "combine" attribute

which is a bug I'd hit in my original schema -- I think it's a hiccup in 
ROMA -- but fixed and forgotten about. If I remove the duplicate 
mix.dictionaries from the schema, it works fine.

Sorry about the obtusity.


Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> If your document really starts with <teifsd>, then indeed it is invalid.
> You mean
>     <teifsd xmlns="">

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