Hi Sebastian, and all,

Some things that would make my life a little easier, in descending order
of importance:

+ when I change something in an element description, the ODD file that
Roma now creates also contains the classes- and content-definition for
that element. From a maintenance perspective, it seems undesirable to have
that information duplicated in my ODD file. I believe I can safely remove
it, but it would be easier if ROMA didn't put it there in the first place.

+ would it be possible for Roma to normalize the element description text
before showing it? I want to be able to edit the saved ODD file outside of
Roma, which introduces ignorable whitespace. If you feel you can't remove
the whitespace, could you make the description field a lot wider, so that
I can create sensible line-breaks myself?
(Of course in an ideal world the description would consist of structured
text, that could contain (e.g.) true paragraphs and lists) (and perhaps
even hyperlinks).

+ the display of model classes on the changeElement window is twice the
width of my 1024x768 display. Could you make the table rows shorter?