> I'll try to jump in as I understand the problem (I've talked with Branko
> offlist about this issue).  The first line of the above example (HAVELOCK
> ELLIS) would normally be considered a subheading.
> In TEI, as I understand it, it is invalid to put a
> <head type="sub"></head>
> <head></head>
> So this would not be valid even if it makes sense in my brain ...
> <div>
> <head type="sub">HAVELOCK ELLIS</head>
> <head>De Wereld der Droomen</head>

So far as I know, there are no such constraints on the use of the
TYPE attribute (in dtd-land at least, such constraints would not be
enforceable). It is CDATA, after all. The only constraint
(aside from local policy) that I can think of is that some
places where HEAD occurs, e.g. at the head of LIST, it can
only appear once, so no sub-heads (before OR after) are allowed.
But I know of nothing wrong with this:

   <head type="sub">Life's little pleasures, or</head>
   <head>GLUTTONY NO VICE</head>

or, if you prefer to make your own distinctions between kinds of

   <head type="prefatory">
   <head type="main">
   <head type="ancillary">

or whatever. But it is not really clear to me that "HAVELOCK ELLIS"
is a sub-head, or a prefatory head, or is indeed distinguished
from the title part of the head other than (1) by being an author, or
(2) by being in smaller type and on a separate line. If it's the authorial 
bit you're trying to capture, tag *that* (as I tried, crudely, to do);
if it is simply the appearance, then tag *that*:

   <head rend="small">
   <head rend="big">

or both

   <head><name rend="small">HAVELOCK ELLIS</name>
   <lb><title rend="big">De Wereld der Droomen<title>