Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Wayne Graham wrote:
>>  It's been a while since I've done much tagging and with the
>> introduction of P5 I was wondering if there was a better way to tag this
>> type of data.
> there has not been any change in P5 to this. Personally, I'd
> use tables, if necessary changing to a table markup which described
> columns
>> I was also going to ask about simple mathematical 
>> calculations...there are
>> several inline additions where there are two or three lines of 
>> addition. Is
>> there a better way to encode this than getting into MathML?
> your choices are
> 1. ASCII art (yuck)
> 2. little graphics files with the equations (not searchable or 
> scalable with text)
> 3. TeX markup (those who understand it, understand it)
> 4. MathML
> I'd choose 2. if its only a few occasions, and 4. if there is a lot. 
> But I'd probably
> back 4. with 2. anyway
Thanks Sebastian...

Any MathML (or TeX) experts out there? I can't seem to figure out how to 
properly format




what I'm trying to do, or am I way off. There are a lot of great 
tutorials out there if you're doing higher math...


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