Sebastian wrote:
I would like some feedback on an issue about internationalization.
I have batting back and forth ideas with the TEI editors, but it's getting
hard to pin down.

I always liked the idea that the user can choose between

A. names & definitions localized
B. names English & definitions localized
C. names localized & definitions in English (probably rare)

To answer Michael Beddow's concerns it should be made very clear to the user
of Roma that the translation of names is really just a suggestion/offering
from the community and can be easily changed, while the localized
definitions have a higher degree of authority and can not be changed or
redefined in the same way.
Another suggestion would be to have Roma include TEIform="" by default for
localized names. I imagine librarians all over the world would be happy if
the English TEI name was recorded by default especially where different
writing systems are involved.

As for examples, it might be better to consider them seperately from the
localization of names&definitions. The localization of examples differs
considerably from the translation of names&definitions. To begin with it is
a much more subjective exercise since an infinite number of other valid
examples is always possible. It also requires a considerable degree of
competence in a tradition to produce a balanced set of examples across
genres and centuries, a competence that is very different from that needed
to translate the definitions. I therefore don't think the localization of
examples, though of course indispensable, can be organized in the same way
as that of names&definitions.
I like Sebastian's idea of including (reviewed) TEI-conformant examples of
all available languages by default.
Should that prove impracticable, another way might be to add a link to a
repository where examples from different projects are archived. Such a
repository, perhaps as part of the WIKI, is desirable anyway. Though I like
the examples in the guidelines, I often find myself wanting a few more to
compare approaches. It would be great if we could get such a repository of
examples going. This would have the additional advantage that not every new
example in french, japanese or sanskrit must be included into the source

Sorry I can't help with the notation.

all the best

marcus bingenheimer