Marcus Bingenheimer wrote:
> Should that prove impracticable, another way might be to add a link to a
> repository where examples from different projects are archived. Such a
> repository, perhaps as part of the WIKI, is desirable anyway. Though I 
> like
> the examples in the guidelines, I often find myself wanting a few more to
> compare approaches. It would be great if we could get such a 
> repository of
> examples going. 
This is indeed an attractive proposition; it would allow for
more extended examples as well.  It's only the management
which needs thinking through.

However, before embarking on this, I'd like to get the simpler stuff
clear, so that we can take advantage of the ongoing French and Chinese

Thinking on what you say, I am half-inclined to forget about
filtering  the examples for now, and always show all examples.

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