Hello List,

At the TEI Council meeting last month, Conal Tuohy and I volunteered
to do some footwork to look at how the TEI might improve its support
for projects that include digital images. To this end, we've posted
some material to the wiki and we invite everyone on the list to take a
look, make suggestions (on the list, or through editing the wiki), and
to think about how you would like to use the TEI to support your
projects that include digital images - and, of course, share your
thoughts with the rest of us.

Here is a page that compiles some existing approaches to image
encoding: those from the current TEI P5 Guidelines, the Draft
Recommendations for TEI Digital Facsimiles (from 2001), the methods
used by the EPPT and the UVic Image Markup Tool, and an untested
system using METS to link TEI and images. If your current practice
doesn't appear on this list, please feel free to add it.

The major concern for the last three approaches is how to link a
section of an image to a section of text, the coordinates of a
bounding box to a given TEI element. The main issues here are
1) where to store the coordinates
2) what syntax to use for the coordinates
3) how to link the image coordinates (and the identity of the image
file itself) to the TEI element

Since there is already a standard for describing image information in
XML, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), I've also compiled a page looking
at ways to use SVG in TEI to help provide support for image encoding.
This page also looks at ways that TEI repeats functionality in SVG and
suggests ways that TEI might incorporate elements from the SVG
namespace rather than using different elements in the TEI namespace.

Both of these pages are still very much in draft form, but I hope that
you find them interesting and that they are a good starting point for


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