Hi David,

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006, David J. Peterson wrote: 
> Does anyone know how to make those little icons that appear
> next to the url on web browsers from scratch?  E.g., if I created
> a .gif or .png file on my own, does anyone know how to turn
> that into a usable icon?  Let me know off-list (unless others would
> be interested).

Easy as PIE! ;-)

1. Open Paint in Windows (any recent version).  
2. Create a bitmap in hi-colour (24-bit), size 32x32 pixels.
3. Save it in the Windows hi-colour Bitmap Format.
4. Change the file extension to .ico instead of the default .bmp.

For best results start with a larger and fairly simple picture,
eg a head and shoulders view of a person, with good colour 
and tone contrast and well defined boundaries between
regions of different colours.  Then use the Stretch tool in 
Paint to shrink it to size.

Yes, I think others would be interested.


      Yahya Abdal-Aziz 
      Melbourne PC User Group 
      Convener, Graphics Interest Group 
      Convener, Music Interest Group 

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