On Tue, 2006-06-06 at 09:26 -0500, James W. wrote:

> In my current project, āseka`eni, I need to come up with a
> way to express thanks. I'm interested in what you all have
> done in your own languages, or any natlangs you know of. I
> am particularly interested in unusual semantic content, but
> whatever you can contribute is appreciated. I make no guarantee
> that I won't copy something that comes in reply to this. :-)
> I will post the āseka`eni version and give due credit to the
> inspiration in a later post.

Veldan has:

Eraganym mathassu.  [formal]
(The use of the Prepositional case here is a survival of the old
I have (just) been benefitted.
Thank you.

Emath'ganym.  [informal]
I have (just) been benefitted.
Thank you.

Enthanym.  [very informal, contraction of the informal usage]

Erganymas.  [Velda City street dialect, contraction of the formal usage]

Cian Ross
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