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>In your conlangs/auxlangs, how would you translate this:
>"The boy whose mother my daughter was later to befriend became ill."

Well, it seems that all the translations so far use at least one
right-branching construct, so I'll be the first to make an entirely
left-branching translation.  Notice, however, that the sentence needs to be
changed slightly in the process.

In Thalassan:

Tuhtharmis ut'isqi pahvijavasjan mahthar phuvarsjas nusiskas.

tuhtar.mis ut'.is.qi mahthar phuvar.sjas nus.iska.s
daughter.1SG-poss far.COMP.INST friend.MAKE.ACTPART.3SG-obj mother
boy.3SG-poss sick.BECOME.3SG-subj

"My-daughter-later-befriending-her mother her-boy became-ill" or "The
mother-whom-my-daughter-was-later-to-befriend's boy became-ill." :P

(Vocabulary may be subject to change in the future!)

- Rob