Michael, have you ever been diagnosed with a
particular communication disorder?  You say you're a
native speaker of English but your messages are next
to incomprehensible, and have been for all the years
you've been on this list.  I don't want to be tacky. 
I just think that you might be able to get some kind
of help that would make your life easier and you
interactions with others more fruitful.


--- Michael Adams <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Negative words, like hate, anger, racism, as well as
> ones that
> define race/ethnic/relgious in a negative way.
> Hypothesist
> Mental spell checker going on/off line at times.
> I know for one of my conlangs, everything is based
> on the
> relation to the speaker...
> Up/Down/Left/Right
> Life, Dead, Not Living
> Action/Thing
> and like things, from emotions, a negative emotion
> might be
> emotion-negative and .. not sure.
> Mike

Debostu indagud ul Erodu segredimindi cuamandu uls magus pera ul tembu djil aparechuni djal steja, 
8 ed remichud sis ad Betuemi, dichindu: «Cumvi avinedis iju indagadi djudjindimindi djal credura, ed cumvi discuvredis si dadi mivi saberi pera fi ia ju ed adori ju sivi magari.»

Machu 2:7-8