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> >1. Open Paint in Windows (any recent version).  
> >2. Create a bitmap in hi-colour (24-bit), size 32x32 pixels.
> >3. Save it in the Windows hi-colour Bitmap Format.
> >4. Change the file extension to .ico instead of the default .bmp.
> That'll make a passable (but non-optimal) Windows .ICO file.

Optimal?  Who said anything about optimal?! ;-)
To make a GOOD icon, you need an artist;
no, you need a GOOD artist; the constraint 
of creating a useful and non-trivially different 
representation of any thing or idea in a mere
2 to the power 10 pixels is a very real one.

To make an optimal one, you need to define 
the criterion or objective function to optimise.
And what was your criterion of optimality,

> The kind of icon I think the OP was asking about (that appears in 
> the Address Bar, and in your Bookmarks) is called a favicon, 
> about which see which 
> contains a very instructive guide.

And which is just an icon, after all, for which
the choice of a particular name and location
gains certain default behaviours, nicely
explained in several references

I don't believe the original question asked for
"optimality"; rather, it was just "how do you 
make ...?". 


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