Thanks.  In heading towards this 'terse Ceqli,' I've been imitating 
Mandarin and some dialects of English (mine, certainly) where words are 
frequently left out.  I'm sure they are in most languages, but I sort of 
wanted to make it systematic in Ceqli.

My grand design is for there to be a 'precise Ceqli' and a 'terse Ceqli,' 
with of course gradations in between.  Terse Ceqli will of course be more 
dependent on context.

And another possible form is 

ke ja

This imitates the Romance languages somewhat, in that it de-indicativizes 
the verb, and can be short for:

go vol ke zi ja.  I want you to go.
go vol ke go ja.  I want (for me) to go.
go vol ke da ja.  May he go.


goda sa pamo hu sta himel, ke zi sa kyam beholifa...
Our father, who art in heaven, that your name be hallowed...