li [Andrew Nowicki] mi tulis la

> Sign languages can easily express some
> simple ideas (walk, sleep, go this way) but
> they cannot easily express abstract ideas:
> unit, part, legal, mathematical.
> Sign "pronunciation" is easy, but very slow.
> Electronic translators are, in my opinion,
> more practicable than sign language.
> The only way to abate the burden of memorizing
> the abstract ideas is to minimize their number
> to a minimum. This is how oligosynthetic
> languages work.

As usual, you are discussing something you obviously know nothing about.
I suggest you research these things before making such ignorant and
absurd comments.  Sign languages are completely functional and
expressive languages, and pronunciation is not "slow".  In fact, a user
can perform multiple signs simultaneously and express an entire sentence
at once, something that can't be done with speech or writing where there
is only a stream of sound or symbols.  The "phonology" of sign languages
are far more complex than spoken languages due to the large variety of
body parts and possible motions.

dejnx nxtxr / Dana Nutter