Dana Nutter wrote:

> A more appropriate term would be "fanaticism".

On the Internet nobody knows that you are a dog...

Dana Nutter has been barking at Ygyde for four
years. This has been his main activity on the
auxlang newsgroups and mailing lists. He never
posted any original ideas there... just barking
and a little minutiae... Maybe he is a dog? 

There is progress in auxlanging, but it takes
place outside of this mailing list. Oligosynthetic
conlangs were unknown before 1935 (invention of Sona).
Then aUI was invented in 1950. Now oligosynthetic
conlangs are the fastest growing branch of auxlangs.
In the past few years Ygyde, Kali-sise, Socialese,
Dunia, and Ododu were invented. Toki Pona is also
new and popular invention, but it is oligoisolating
baby-talk rather than oligosynthetic auxlang.