li [Andrew Nowicki] mi tulis la 

> Dana Nutter wrote:
> > A more appropriate term would be "fanaticism".
> On the Internet nobody knows that you are a dog...
> Dana Nutter has been barking at Ygyde for four
> years. This has been his main activity on the
> auxlang newsgroups and mailing lists. He never
> posted any original ideas there... just barking
> and a little minutiae... Maybe he is a dog? 

No, I haven't been barking at Ygyde.  I've been shooting down your
ridiculous statements and your fanaticism for a language that you make
bold claims about even though you have zero evidence to back up those
claims nor any of the other claims you make.  And yet again you end up
turning to insults because you have know way to refute statements like
this made by myself and others who are very tired of it.  If you think
Ygyde is the greatest thing since sliced bread, then go out an prove it.
Gather a user base and field test it.  Then, when you have some sort of
hard data to report, come back and report your findings.  

> There is progress in auxlanging, but it takes
> place outside of this mailing list. Oligosynthetic
> conlangs were unknown before 1935 (invention of Sona).
> Then aUI was invented in 1950. Now oligosynthetic
> conlangs are the fastest growing branch of auxlangs.
> In the past few years Ygyde, Kali-sise, Socialese,
> Dunia, and Ododu were invented. Toki Pona is also
> new and popular invention, but it is oligoisolating
> baby-talk rather than oligosynthetic auxlang. 

Toki Pona actually has people using it, which is more than can be said
of any of the others you mentioned.  Until they are put into use, it's
impossible to know if they are even practical muchless "advanced"
(whatever the hell that means).  Unsubstantiated claims like this tell
all of us that you certainly are not a "scientist".  A scientist would
have data from studies based upon actual usage to back up any statements