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> ennāpren '(mathematical) rationality'. Getting this from sanity was a
> stretch, but needed for the congruence in English of mathematical
> rational and mentally rational. So, irrational numbers are actually
> insane numbers.

I had trouble with this, too; I basically think that Teonaht would have 
different terminology for mathematical concepts: I have a word for 
"rational" (racodel), but it means "full of reason, full of logic."  The 
opposite, "full of unreason" doesn't really describe pi.  Pi is reasonable 
on its own terms, just one's we can't fathom.  Irrational numbers: 
unfathomable numbers? bottomless numbers?

> tamōl 'root' from root for 'birth'

Interesting!  Tamol means "child" in Teonaht.