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>Jacques Dehée wrote:
>> Bon die
>> *
>> One disadvantage in Auxlang for esperanto,
>> if we don't use native languages,
>> is that esperanto
>> is said by esperantists
>> to be a native language
>> for esperantist families,
>> therefore irrelevant here.
>Le suggestion esseva no _natlangs_.
>Nos pote suggester que los qui have Esperanto como le native lingua
>deberea usar un altri auxlang.


In my opinion, Auxlang, as usual, must allow postings

in natlangs too, so that beginners of planned languages

might express themselves more easily

and so that experts in rare conlangs might be

understood in natlangs if necessary.

Reducing postings in Auxlang is a threat for Auxlang

and a clear purpose for Bablo's esperantists.

Freedom of use as usual !

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