Sebastian Rahtz skrev  19.09.2006 13:26:
> It seems to me quite clear that we should leave "@value" as meaning 
> "@isovalue" (we could even rename it),
> and that projects should consider introducing their own attribiutes for 
> contained normalized dates
> in other schemes. The killer, as Lou says, is the existence of the 
> related @notBefore, @notAfter, @from,  and @to.
> In theory one could declare up front  "all my normalized dates are in 
> Klingon notation" , and leave
> the datatype of @value as just character date. But this seems like madness.

I kind of like it ...

> rename to @value, @isoNotBefore, @isoNotAfter, @isoFrom @isoTo? and leave
> projects to add their own comparable attributes?

Yes, this sounds acceptable. But here we are in fact touching the 
problems that were discussed with the introduction of xml:lang in the 
TEI world: people using the TEI may for many quite good reasons wish to 
use values outside the ISO or similar worlds whether that is for 
languages or for dates.