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> Dear list members,
> this might be interesting for those who have to teach TEI and/or XML
> technologies from time to time.
> I always wanted to teach using Open Source products only, but was too
> lazy to invest in emacs, which needs a lot of tweaking to work in a
> multi-language environment. So I used Oxygen on a classroom license. I
> like O a lot, but apart from the (reasonable) costs for the
> institution, it is something of an over-kill for beginners. A more
> light-weight application might actually be better for the classroom. I
> have been trying out a few Open Source solutions over the last two
> years but only recently found one I like: The "XML  Copy Editor"
> developed by Gerald Schmidt. 
> On request he was happy to include the whole gamut of TEI stuff
> (template, document models, and Sebastian's stylesheets) and now I can
> show the few things I need in class (validation, xslt&xquery
> transforms), quicker (the Copy Editor is not Java based), cheaper and
> simpler then before. 

Oh, this explains why I found TEI support *before* I could ask for it ;)
I recently tried this software and suggested some usability improvements
to the author, who seems to be very receptive to user feedback. As soon
as it matures a bit more I'd recommend it for more than didactic tasks.


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