How might I include in my P5 DTD the Unicode entity references from my P4
DTD? Unlike the old Pizza Chef, Roma does not seem to have a mechanism for
including these. And because my project requires numerous entries of long
esses, ligatures, carets, etc., I'd prefer not having to type a numerical
code point every time. Is there a simple way to convert the old entity refs
and either insert them into the P5 DTD or create an extensions file?


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Subject: TEI-related Debian packages

If you do not use the Debian packages hosted, you can 
stop reading now.

I have changed the package I maintain for the eXist XML database
from version "20060613" to "1.1", following changes in the source.
This has the unfoirtunate side effect that Debian/Ubuntu systems
think it is an _older_ version, so do not bother to upgrade.

If you use this eXist package, I recommend that you
remove it, and then install again. If you don't end
up with version 1.1, something has gone wrong!

If you pick up my Roma-related package
to put the TEI P5 Guidelines into eXist, you need
this upgrade.

With apologies for being cryptic, but I thought
I had better alert the small band of folks who
take advantage of this stuff

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