Je 12.14 ptm 2006.09.20, Dave MacLEOD skribis

>It's even worse for Japanese - suchii is what it becomes.
>Worst word in the whole language?

You know this from speaking in Esperanto with Japanese? Because I've 
known some Japanese Esperanto speakers over the year fairly well -- a 
few, at least -- and have never heard one of them say "suchii" 
instead of "scii".

>Without a doubt archaeology -
>antikv-scienco. Ouch.

If the word were used, it would be used as "antikvoscienco". However, 
the word for archaeology is "arkeologio". It's an official Esperanto 
word, by the way (Third Official Addition to the vocabulary, some 
time between WWI and WWII).

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