Dana (>):
> Do you plan on adding any more natural languages?  That too would be
> interesting to see and compare?

Thank you. Encouragement is always helpful, even in a small pet
project like this.

I've added Swedish now, my mother tounge.


I could probably add French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian on
my own, and get them almost right. :) Maybe someone who knows the
respective languages better will be able to proof-read them for me.

As you see on the page, I've also found a solution enabling me to have
several words for one correlative without increasing the size of the
tables unnecessarily. I hope the Unicode star symbol is rendered
acceptably across all browsers, otherwise I will choose a more common
symbol. The words are shown in a tooltip when hovering over a group of
stars with the mouse.

Lastly, in the week since I posted the page, it has been viewed 120
times -- most of them probably by me when improving upon it. :) Due to
Auxlang being archived on the web, my wiki has also been visited by my
first few content spam submitters. I'm devoting some part of my spare
time to figure out how to make life at least a little bit miserable
for any future such visitors. Actually, this is my first wiki spam
since I created the page a year and a half ago, and I'd begun to think
I was somehow immune to evil spammers. Guess I was just unknown. :)

// Carl